The Physical and Chemical Center LAB

We have our own Physical & Chemical Testing Center Lab. to guarantee our product quality.

The Testing Center Lab equipped with those equipment:

  • Zinc layer measuring instrument
  • Electronic analytic balance
  • Electronic universal testing machine
  • Hardness tester
  • Salt spray testing machine
  • Color difference meter
  • Film thickness measuring instrument
  • Elastic impact test machine
  • Bending machine
  • EEK rub test device
  • Row lattice
  • Cupping testing machine
  • Gloss meter
  • Visual color box
  • UV aging test chamber
  • Constant temperature water-bath water, etc.

Our test items & instrument fully meet international standards.

Thickness Gauge
By using the theory of electromagnetic field to flow into the steel substrate. The size of the magnetic flux to determine the coating thickness.

Determination of width, before and after coating removal difference to measure the thickness of the coating thickness.

Gloss Meter
Measured relative light reflection mirror coating can be measured samples gloss.

By chromatic meter were determined referring to the spectral overstimulate values of samples and sample, can quantitatively determine the sample and reference sample color difference.

Bending Machine
The sample was bent 180 degree around itself, observing bending of the coating cracks or fall off, determining coating cloth cracking or peeling.

BY Type of Pencil Hardness Tester
Catsuit is measured by a set of known hardness pencil coating on the surface of the relative hardness.

Row Lattice Unit
To evaluate a catsuit coating and substrate adhesion or ability to resist the separation between multilevel coating layer in the system.

Visual Color Box
Used in light of the color of the sample and reference sample.

Coating Cup Drawing Tester
Used to assess catsuit slow deformation under coating ability to resist cracking or fall out.

Flexibility Impact Tester
Used to assess catsuit coating at a very fast deformation ability to resist cracking or fall out.