Cold Rolled Steel Coil has superb sheet shape and surface quality with good flatness and surface finish. The surface of the cold sheet is clean and bright and easy for coating.

The varieties of cold rolled steel sheet are widely used in:

  • Galvanized Substrates
  • Home Appliances
  • Tubing
  • Automobiles
  • Building
  • Enamels
  • Other Industries

As a leading cold rolled steel coil (CR) manufacturer, Hengze Steel adheres to strict quality standards to produce our cold rolled steel coils. We guarantee our products meet our customer’s requirement.

Cold Rolled Steel Coil
Cold Rolled Steel Sheet


Item NameCold Rolled Steel Coil
Hardness50-71 (CQ Grade)
Hardness45-55 (DQ Grade)
Yield Strength<270 (CQ Grade)
<240 (DQ Grade)
Tensile Strength240-410 (CQ Grade)
240-370 (DQ Grade)
Elongation Percentage28

Production Line

Cold Rolled Sheet Production Line

The annual capacity of 1250mm cold rolled sheet production line is 200,000 tons while 1450mm’s is 250,000 tons. This production line is equipped with advanced detecting system of laser velocimeter imported from Japan. X-ray thickness gauge and shape meter etc. This machine have high rigidity rolling mill which could produce ordinary carbon steel, high-carbon steel and alloy steel. The specification is 0.15~1.5mm x 1250mm.

Quality Control

We have our own Physical & Chemical Testing Center Lab. to guarantee our product quality. Our test items & instrument fully meet international standards.

Thickness Gauge
Gloss Meter
BY Type of Pencil Hardness Tester
Bending Machine
Visual Color Box
Row Lattice Unit

Packing Details

Standard Export Packing:

  • 4 eye bands and 4 circumferential bands in steel
  • Galvanized metal fluted rings on inner and outer edges
  • Galvanized metal and waterproof paper wall protection disk
  • Galvanized metal and waterproof paper around circumference and bore protection

About the sea worthy packaging: extra reinforcement before shipment to ensure that the goods are safer and less damaged to customers.

Packing Details - Before Shipping
Packing Details - Before Shipping
Packing Details - Before Shipping
Packing Details - Before Shipping